Production and sale of certified seeds

We combine years of experience and innovation with an emphasis on quality

"Our IPK Agro seeds are of top quality thanks to our team of experts."
Certified Seeds

Top quality certified seeds thanks to the company PETKUS and their innovative technology PETKUS.

IPK AGRO's team of experts

Our team consists of people with many years of experience cultivating, producing and trading seeds.

New agro complex in Sečovce!

We are happy to welcome you to our new Area of certified seeds in Sečovce. Call or write to us. We are looking forward to seeing you!

About us

About Petkus

Grand opening in Sečovce, 31.5.2022

Exceptional seed quality from IPK AGRO

Comprehensive services in the processing and sale of first-class quality seeds in our new Certified Seeds Complex in Sečovce

Cleaning and treatment

We clean and treat legumes, cereals and other crops on an innovative line from the German company PETKUS.

Gentle processing

We provide maximum germination of the seeds with very gentle processing and tray conveyor transport.

Quality sorting

We remove all undesired colour and shape seed defects on the most modern optical grain sorter ROEBER OptoSelector OS 901t.

Ecological approach

We built a new IPK AGRO complex in Sečovce with the utmost regard for the environment.


We care about sustainability - we collect rainwater in a reservoir and then return it to the soil.

Years of experience
m2 area of ​​IPK AGRO complex
Sorted seeds daily

Seed production

We produce soybeans and cereals in the new plant in Sečovce. We are expanding our selection with other legumes and greening crops (intermediate crops).

Cleaning services

 We provide cleaning and excellent sorting services to the food industry and the primary agricultural production.

Business and consulting

We offer our customers the repurchase of agro-commodities and professional guidance on growing crops.

Exclusive representation of soybeans

In Slovakia, we are the exclusive representative of the breeding company Semences Prograin Inc. and its top varieties of soybeans.

We cooperate with breeders